The house is almost entirely glass across the south aspect. The effect of all this light and air is uplifting.
The huge glass wall of the main room opens wide onto the deck and connects the inside to the outside. Perfect for entertaining.
All the bedrooms have wonderful views and windows which can be opened wide.
The master bedroom has a private balcony.


We started from the point of view that the house should be a healthy and beautiful place to live. No toxic materials should be used in its construction. The building contains no mdf for example.


The house is equipped with a ventilation system which changes the air constantly. On cold days this system extracts the heat from the outgoing air and warms the fresh air so there are no cold draughts.
This means that the house can be shut tight and still be absolutely fresh.
There is a skylight which runs across the full width of the building and sections of it open automatically when the house gets too warm and they shut automatically should it rain.


All the water coming into the house is treated. The drinking water is filtered using state of the art filtration. You can drink from any cold tap in the building.
There is a huge hot water supply which is virtually unending and the water in the house is pressurised to provide powerful showers without the need for pumps
The hot water is treated by a water softener so there will be no damage caused by mineral deposits.