The Materials

Great care has been taken to build this house in a responsible and sustainable way. No toxic materials were used in this house.
Fresh air and plenty of it. The ventilation system in this house means that the people who live here will have more energy and a more positive outlook, combined with a capacity to enjoy life and work to the full.
The house is built on a massive concrete slab which will act as a huge storage radiator. This will cut down on the heating needed to keep the house comfortable. This will also help to keep the temperature stable so the house will not suddenly go cold.
The windows are coated to maximise both light and insulation properties. All the plywood in the house is non-toxic
The floors are largely covered in natural limestone and will help eliminate the factors which cause allergies and asthma.
Low odor paint is used throughout.

The reason for all this

The homes we live in have a huge impact on our health and well-being. Many houses are full of toxic materials and are very damaging to our lives.
New research shows that the houses we live in are damaging our health to the point that they are now number 5 in the top ten causes of death.